Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Ups and Downs!

Life is full of Ups and just feels that they are so much more obvious when you are living with MS!!

I had an appointment at the hospital yesterday.
It was a follow up for my eyes, to see what the findings were of the scan of my optic nerves etc. The results were good and the consultant (someone I've never seen before!) is happy that my eyes are the moment! I say at the moment because we all know that things can change day by day with MS.
I had to remind myself of this when we came out of the appointment, because although I was delighted at my eyes being OK, I then started to question myself about the symptoms that I'd had. Had it all been in my head? Had I really had those symptoms? And why has nothing shown up when I felt the flickering nerves and the blurred and double vision that I'd had?
But that is one of the most annoying things about MS. You can have symptoms one week and then by the time you get scans or tests done, the symptoms may have changed and therefore not show up.
I hate this because it just fuels my paranoia about whether my symptoms are real!

Has anyone else been struggling with the heat lately?
I had an awful night on Monday night :(
I slept for about an hour, I then woke up and that was it until about 8.30AM! And then I only had about 2 hours sleep.
It was a really horrible night. I was hot, which in turn made my pain feel awful. It was prickly pins and needles, numbness and just plain nasty. I am trying to keep myself cool but the pain is just there whether I am hot or cold.
It's funny, I think about how warm it is now and then think about the Winter when it is nice and cold. BUT in the Winter I then have the issue that I am too cold and need to keep everything warm.......I just can't win!

Our long weekend at Centre Parcs is getting closer! Yay!! We are really looking forward to it.......can you tell?!?!?!?!
We've never been there before so it will be an adventure!! We are looking forward to just getting away and having a break. We aren't looking at doing too many activities.......other than eating, drinking and enjoying the company of our friends!!

And here is a piece of exciting news........a definite up time for us!! We, like millions of others, applied for tickets to the London Olympics. We, like millions of others, assumed we wouldn't get anything, but thought it would be worth having a go!
Oh how I'm glad we did!!
We applied for tickets for the athletics evening of August 5th 2012, which ends with the Men's 100 metre final. As I am disabled and I would be using a wheelchair, we applied for a wheelchair ticket and therefore Martin would come as my carer.
Can you imagine our surprise, amazement and disbelief when we received an email saying that "The application for one or more of the tickets we'd applied for had been successful"
We then had this confirmed and yes we have tickets to go to the Olympics...........and not just that but we will be seeing the blue ribboned event that is the Men's 100 metre final!!
We know that it is only a 9.5second race, but we are there for the whole evening of events, which are:

Men's Long Jump Victory Ceremony
Women's 400m Hurdles Round 1
Men's High Jump Qualifying Rounds - Groups A & B
Women's Triple Jump Final
Men's 100m Semifinals
Men's 10,000m Victory Ceremony
Men's 1500m Semifinals
Men's Hammer Throw Final
Women's 100m Victory Ceremony
Men's 400m Semifinals
Women's Marathon Victory Ceremony
Women's 400m Final
Women's Triple Jump Victory Ceremony
Men's 3000m Steeplechase Final
Women's 400m Victory Ceremony
Men's 100m Final

Can you imagine the atmosphere?? I really can't believe that we have tickets!
The one thing I have always wanted is to go to an athletics event and I have always wanted the opportunity to go to an Olympics. Here I have my dream all in one go!!
We are SO lucky!! :)

Anyway, I hope you are all keeping OK.
Take care and keep strong!

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  1. Congratulations on going to the Olympics! Something my husband and I have also been so interested in doing but never have gotten the chance! Thank you for friending me on Google+ and I look forward to reading your blog!!!