Friday, 15 March 2013

2012 Holiday photos

I have talked a couple of times on here about a holiday that my Dad, Martin and I were going on last year.
It was going to be six weeks and we were going all over the UK.
We actually only managed four weeks as we returned home because Martin was very poorly and we needed to get him sorted out.

We went from South Devon up to Birmingham. From there we travelled up the East side of the UK. 

We went into Scotland via Edinburgh and then made our way up to Inverness. 
We had hired a boat from a company called Caley Cruisers to go on the Caledonian Canal for eleven nights.
Incorporating Loch Ness, Loch Lochey and Ben Nevis!
The canal trip was amazing, the scenery was absolutely stunning, breathtaking. We have some beautiful photos from there!.

After we had returned the boat, we went to Fort William for a few nights, on to Killin and then to Dumfries, taking in the Falkirk wheel on our travels!

We then left Scotland and went down to the Lake District. We had booked a week near Cockermouth but we only stayed for three days and then we took Martin back home.

It was a wonderful experience and we did have a lovely time...........even with Martin's issues! 

At least he is on the mend now and we are going to finish off the trip later on this year, which will be very special!

Anyway the following are just a few of the photos we took............there may be a few posts with photos over the coming days, as I look them out!

So Enjoy! XxXxX

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