Saturday, 3 May 2014

MS Trust - Continence Question Time

This past week has been MS Awareness Week.

Back in March I recorded a Continence Question Time type of panel where there were three experts, a chair person and me.....The representative that has MS and has had experience with continence issues. 
The idea was to record a discussion about continence issues within people with MS and then to put them up on the website during MS Awareness week.

I travelled up to Letchworth, where the MS Trust is based and met with the other people involved. There was a Neurologist that specialised in Urology, an MS Specialist Nurse, a Bowel and Bladder care nurse and myself! 

The MS Trust had asked on social media sites what questions people would want to ask if they were in front of a panel of experts. People responded with questions and a handful were picked for us to talk about. 
We decided between us who was going to take the lead on each question. The cameras were set up, we were set around a table and we had an open discussion about the topics that had been asked of us. 

Listed below is the link to the video clips.........if these are symptoms you deal with, they could be useful for you. 


  1. Well done, I applaud you for talking about the tough issues.


  2. Thank you Andy! It goes back to 2010 when I decided to write a post about my constipation and the device I use. I decided then that I didn't want to be embarrassed, that I had no need to be embarrassed and I've tried to hold on to that and do whatever I can to help people with these issues! Thanks for your support! XxXxX