Saturday, 23 August 2014

"15 minutes with" - MS Trust newsletter "Open Door"

Quite out of the blue and a real honour for me, I was asked by the MS Trust if I would mind being the focus of their "15 minutes with" in the latest edition of Open Door, which is their newsletter. 
I had been up to their offices in March to take part in their Continence Question Time video. I wrote a piece on my blog a few years ago about constipation and to my complete surprise, I've been told that it is one of the most read articles over the past ten years! 
Because of that and having taken part in the question time video, they wanted to use me as the focus for a section they have in their newsletter called "15 minutes with". They ask that person a variety of questions based around who they are and what they do. From the past ones I've seen, I would say they try to have people who have a connection to MS either directly or indirectly! 
Of course I was very honoured but I did wonder if I was interesting enough for people to want to hear from me! ;-) 

Anyway the latest edition of Open Door is out now and inside the back page you will find my interview!

The following link should take you to a page on the MS Trust website. Click on the link that says Open Door August 2014 and that will take you to the magazine!

If it doesn't then go the MS Trust website 
Enter my name in the search box and it will bring up three entries, click on the one that says Open Door August 2014 and that should take you to it!

Enjoy! :-)

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