Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Newspaper Article

About a week ago I had a phone call, out of the blue, from someone at the MS Trust. I had gone up to their offices a couple of years ago to take part in a videoed discussion on bladder and bowels in MS. They asked me to take part after I had written a piece on this blog about using the Peristeen system. The system is a device to help people empty their bowels and to be completely honest, it changed my life when I was introduced to it around 2010 and I have been using it ever since! 
The following link will take you to Coloplast who supply the Peristeen system. This explains all about it.

The next link is from my blog and will take you to the article I wrote about starting to use the Peristeen system and my experience with it.

OK, so I went off on a tangent there but basically the guy who organised that video a couple of years ago phoned me last week. He had been contacted by the Exeter Express and Echo because they wanted to do an article on the reality of living with MS and had asked him if he could recommend someone that they could do the article on........then he phoned me!! 😋
He asked me if I'd mind speaking to a reporter and doing the article? Of course I said yes! Since being diagnosed with MS I have found that I can't be involved in the theatre as I once had been but because of all that training, I have been told, more than once, that I speak very well about my diagnosis and about my experiences of living with the disease. I guess I might as well put that training to good use and if I can help one member of the general public understand a small amount of what it's like living with a chronic illness.....or in my case three chronic illnesses......then it's worth my while doing it! 

The reporter rang me last Friday 13th May and we were talking for about an hour! When we'd finished I asked if she could email the article to me before she published it. She said she definitely would because she always does when it's an article on someones health. Later that evening I received the email with the article and I was really impressed with it. She had constructed it really well and Martin and I were both very happy with it. It was actually published on their website on Sunday last weekend and the following link will take you to the article......enjoy! XxXxX 

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