Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Lemtrada - can anyone help?

I am writing this post on behalf of a friend. It has been suggested to her about going on to Lemtrada infusions but she doesn't know much about it. She reached out to me to see if I knew anyone who was on this treatment so that she could find out about the reality of being on it rather than just reading about it. Unfortunately I don't know anyone who has started this treatment but I told her that I would do a quick blog post to see if I could get any information for her. We all know what it's like to face the daunting task of deciding whether a treatment is right for you or not, I remember when it was suggested to me about starting Tysabri infusions, and these aren't your every day drugs without any risks, we took our time and tried to find out all we could about it.....so it's over to you, can anyone help a fellow MSer?! 

Thanks, in advance! 


  1. Hi
    I can help with the Lemtrada experience sharing if you would like me to, I'm happy to share contact details either phone / Skype / facetime / email etc if you would like.
    My experience is all publicly available on my blog for the last year and a half at www.tracyslemtradajourney.co.uk.
    I will email you so you have direct contact details for me xx

  2. facebook group is the best.

  3. If your neurologist thinks you need Lemtrada then your MS is riskier Han any potential problems from Lemtrada.