Sunday 30 October 2016

What impact losing weight can have!

So, it's  October which means Martin and I have been on our changed lifestyle for almost ten months now and we love it!! 

But, let's start at the beginning!

At Christmas, Martin and I were having a discussion about weight and we both said that we would like to lose some if we could so we were talking about how we'd like to do it and all I knew was that I absolutely did not want to be on a diet! Now I know that sounds can you lose weight without being on a diet, what I meant was I didn't want to be following a diet, I have tried so many of them in the past and I, notoriously, don't stick to them and then I will end up putting even more weight on and be bigger than before I first started! I decided that if we were going to do this, our lifestyle would have to change. Martin decided that he wanted to follow Weight Watchers, which was perfectly fine but he was on his own with that one! 
We have a bit of a history with Weight Watchers as back in 2001 we both joined it and between us we lost in excess of 7 stone/44.45kgs in around eight months. We did that by joining weight watchers and getting all the books etc but then following it at home. We have gone back to that diet several times over the years but this time we needed to make a lifestyle change and look at it in a different way. This needed to be a permanent change, we didn't want to lose lots of weight, stop whatever we were doing and gradually put the weight back on which, again, historically, is exactly what we have done over the years, so this time it needed to be different. 

It's funny isn't it, the memories I have of my childhood, I have myself as having a weight problem and yet when I look back at photos of me through my earlier years, I don't look "overweight" at all! The trouble was that I was always dancing or rehearsing for a show and I had decided that I wanted to go to a theatre college in London so image was everything. 
I started dancing at the age of three and I loved it but it meant hours of looking at yourself in a mirror! I don't have very cooperative genes either so I was never going to be stick thin! 
Then I was diagnosed with MS and I had a big relapse where my legs stopped working properly and I've been on crutches or in a wheelchair ever since. So when you are prone to being a bit larger and then you lose your ability to move around as you are used to, it's a recipe for pun intended! Plus my head was all over the place and food is my "go to" comfort so it was inevitable that I was going to put on weight. What I hadn't realised was, as I explained earlier, I would start a diet but give up and whatever weight I lose goes back on plus loads more. 
And, ultimately, Martin and I love food.......just all the wrong types of food! 

So, back to Christmas! πŸŽ„☃🎁☃πŸŽ„

We wanted to lose weight but we needed it to be a long term change.......for the better. 
Martin signed up to Weight Watchers, he wanted the structure of having a specific routine, whereas I needed it to be freer......if we popped in to see my Dad, I wanted to be able to have a biscuit.....or three, when he made us a cup of tea! I didn't want to be restricted on what I could and couldn't eat, now don't get me wrong, I think Weight Watchers is fab but I had that light bulb moment a little while ago that I can't follow a diet because, in my head, there has to be an end point and we then go back to how we were eating before the diet.........I know, that sounds ludicrous but that's how my brain worked lol! 
But not any more!

This change needed to be a permanent change which meant a fundamental change in our lifestyle.  We needed what we were doing to become our norm and not just something we were doing to lose weight. 
Having a couple of chronic illnesses and wanting to lose weight, I knew it wasn't going to be easy but that is where Martin has been invaluable with his help and support. With him doing WW I have probably done better than I might have done because I've used him as a guide! 
Whenever we have dieted in the past we would weigh on a Monday and then Monday night would be our "treat night". This would give us the chance, if we were craving something, to have it on that evening. This was fine except as we got further down the line we would be using it as an excuse to eat what you want and then "start again tomorrow!" But that just led to the beginning of the end of losing weight and we were both really adamant that this was not going to happen this time so we made a decision at the start that we would not be having a "treat night" all.......Monday would be our weigh day but then it would be like any other day.......this is what I mean about it being our norm, everything is how we want it to be permanently and not just while we are losing weight!
This doesn't mean that we can't have a treat but every now and then instead of every week! This again was where I wanted and needed things to be biggest downfall is ice cream, I can eat it any time, any where, any how......I love the stuff! I needed to be able to have it so every Monday I will have some ice cream.....the funny thing is that it doesn't really affect my weight loss......I am still losing weight so I don't see it being a problem! If I hit a plateau and am struggling to lose then I will cut back on it, or maybe not have it every week, but while I'm still losing, it's not a problem. Plus, I have so many rough times that I need something to help get me through them, now, whether that is just an excuse or not I don't care, while I'm still losing etc etc! 😜
So, no takeaway was step one of our new lifestyle, step two was going to be a big step. As part of my MS I struggle a lot with fatigue, especially in the afternoon but when I wake up I'm not in the frame of mind to have a main meal so we decided to try having our main meal of the day at lunchtime and then some fruit and a snack at teatime. That, along with no treat day, was going to be a good base to start with! 

And you know what? It's working! πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

As of today 22/10/2016 Martin has lost 70lbs or 5 stone or kgs........he has nearly reached his goal, and I'm so proud of him! I have lost 56lbs or 4 stone or kgs and when I think about all the things I have against me, with all my medications etc, I think I've done a pretty good job too! 
BUT I haven't finished yet, I've still got a lot to lose, but that's ok........I know we can do it, I know Martin will be by my side supporting me and this is the change we so desperately wanted and needed!

Just remember........Anything is possible.......especially if you have the will to make it happen and support around you! ☺️πŸ’‹☺️

Love and hugs 

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