Monday, 16 May 2011

Birthdays, Weddings and Holidays!!

It's May, the month of celebrations!!
May has always been a celebratory month for me as both mine and my brothers birthdays are in May.
Happy Birthday Simon........for yesterday!!
Then I met Martin, my husband, and his birthday is May 6th - Happy Birthday for then Martin!
And tomorrow it's my birthday!!
May 17th is a popular birth date, I know of four other people that have th
e same birthday as me!
My old dancing teacher, Jill, a dancing friend, Julia, a musical friend's dad, Mike and a beautiful friend of ours, Jeane!

I want to wish everyone
a wonderful day, may it be as special as you all are!
And then there are the weddings.
We have two couples who are close friends of ours. Joe & Rob got married last December 17th and Matt & Claire got married on May 7th. We both want to wish both couples a long and happy marriage.
Both weddings have been very special and we thank you all for letting us be a part of your special days!

And now for the holiday part of it!
Martin & I, Joe & Rob and Claire
& Matt have booked a long weekend at Centre Parcs in Longleat. We are going in September!
We booked it last year, so it seemed a long way off but it is now starting to
creep up on us and we are starting to really look forward to it now!!

Here are some photos of the weddings and of my birthday cake - I had a special one made this year & its amazing!!

Friends at Joe & Rob's wedding!

Joe & Rob cutting their cake!

Matt & Claire's wedding!

My amazing birthday cake!!

The weddings were both fantastic and my birthday cake is happy and spoilt girl!!!

Love & hugs to everyone

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