Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Hi everyone,
I'm having a really fatigued day today :(
Part of that is because I said goodbye to my Dad today, as he went back to work.
My dad is a Captain in the Merchant Navy. This means he works on cargo ships. (The big ones that you see out at sea) He generally works around the British Isles, Ireland, Germany, Scandinavia and the Mediterranean.
So he has gone away today and he won't be home again until about February next year.
I have grown up with my Dad doing this job. He has had breaks from it every now and then but the majority of his working life has been on the sea.
I find it so much harder to say goodbye these days. I guess because I am older and he is older and it means more now.

So I am warn out today. I am also struggling with pain a lot today. That zaps loads of my energy too. I am trying so hard not to let it affect me, but it is taking up all my energy to do that.
It is SO cold too. I know I am tired and so I feel the cold a little more because of that, but it also affects my pain too.
Does anyone else have that? When it is very cold in Winter or very hot in the Summer, I suffer even more with the pain. People ask me which is worse, hot or cold, but I can honestly say that both cause me problems!
How annoying is that??
Anyway it was just a quick post today to wish my Dad a safe voyage!
Hope everyone is coping well with the cold,
Love & hugs

PS I must say a quick Thank you to all those who have been leaving comments for me. I really appreciate hearing from people and I do read all the comments.....even if I don't always reply to them.......sorry!!!


  1. Yes Amelia Cold can make us feel more tired at best and in more pain at worst. Where is your worst pai ? have your tried Capsaicin ? this is an ingredient of chill peppers and is often used medically in an ointment to treat the pain of peripheral neuropathy.It is very hot and often needs an anesthetic cream applied first. However it can be taken in tablet/capsule form as it binds to a protein known as TRPV1 that resides on the membranes of pain and heat sensing neurons.

  2. Wow. I was recently diagnosed and had no idea my cold issues could be MS related! I know about the heat but the cold, that explains so much!

  3. There is different life in merchant navy...The issue that you are twlling about.great blog..thanks for sharing.