Saturday, 13 November 2010

MS Trust, Open Door publication!

Hey everyone,
Well yet again, I have had some time out from writing my blog.........I have slapped my hands.........and it hurt!!
So those of you who follow my blog or who have read any of my previous posts, will know that I wrote a post a while ago about a procedure that I have started called Peristeen.
Well, the MS Trust read that piece and thought I had tackled it really well. They asked me if it would be OK if they could publish the piece in their quarterly newsletter called Open Door.
I agreed because I had already made the decision to publish it on my blog, so I wanted people to see it. This would get it out there for many many more people to be able to read it. It's not that I want people to know about me, what I want is for people to learn about Peristeen and the fact that there are possibilities out there.
So they took the piece and adapted it.........but only slightly.
I knew that it would be coming out in the November issue of Open Door, but I hadn't really thought about it much. They had asked for a couple of photos, which was fine.......I don't mind getting my mug out there!!
In my mind, I had thought it was just going to be a small piece in the corner of a page. Obviously, I know that the piece is quite long, after all, I wrote it!
But I still didn't expect it to be a big two page spread in the newsletter, with three photos!
Constipation is a difficult subject to talk about, but I am so proud of this piece and I am proud that I have put it out there. If it helps just one person to ask the questions about this procedure or to open up about their own problems and get it sorted, then this will definitely have been worth doing.
If you don't get the MS Trust newsletter, then you can see the piece on their website at the following link.

I have to thank the MS Trust. They have made me realise that being open and honest is a good thing and that it is the only way that we can all help each other in the battle against this awful illness.
Never be afraid to talk about your issues, there are always people out there who can help you or who are likely to be going through the same thing as you as well.

I have so much more to talk about!
I have had a busy couple of months with getting my wet room done and going on holiday. So expect to see me a little more on here! My wet room is an exciting little story and I have photos from beginning to end, so that will be my next post!!

I hope everyone is doing OK, especially with the colder weather that is now with us. I look forward to hearing from you all,
Love & hugs


  1. lol.i am just reading the newsletter,read this,turned over the page xxx

  2. I tried Movicol and had a similar experience, stopped it immediately, increased my fiber and fluids and things were then more or less bearable.
    A few years later I fond I had both constipation and incontinence (can you believe that !). I would go for a few days then when my bowels decided to work I was given no warning! difficult if you're out shopping at the time but as the stools were constipated they were very solid and had nowhere to go.

    A little later i saw a gerontologist who discovered I had a rectocele (bowel prolapse) so I couldn't have the colonic irrigation I had planned at the local health/beauty clinic. Seems to me this should always be checked out before any kind of colonic irrigation.

    He also suggested using glycerine suppositories an hour before goin out so I could clear out and venture out without fear. Took me a couple of occasions to get it right but I found them fantastic. For me they only take a couple of minutes to work and although you'd think they'd only empty the rectum they seem to trigger mass evacuation. Brilliant, no getting anybody else to do anything.

    Glycerin suppositories are cheap and can be bought over the counter at any chemist. Didn't realise how to open them at first so kept using scissors but I went back and asked and it seems one end can be easily torn open.