Sunday, 14 November 2010

The Wet Room Story and photos!

I just want to send out thoughts to all those who have given their lives for us. In past conflicts and ongoing ones. They will all be remembered.

I have had a "tired" day today. I didn't sleep that well last night, but part of that was my fault. I am really enjoying the book I am reading at the moment - Tess Gerritson's Girl Missing - and I was reading until late last night. That doesn't lend itself well to getting a good night's rest!
We also got up fairly early because we had free tickets to go to the cinema and see a film that hasn't yet been released. I was very proud of myself though because I managed to stay awake throughout the film. Quite often when we go to the cinema, I don't manage to keep my eyes open, which gets very frustrating.
Talking about cinemas....does everyone know about the CEA card.
This is the Cinema Exhibitor's Association card.
It is a card that is available for disabled people to apply for. The card allows you to get one free ticket for a person accompanying you.

To apply you must be in receipt of either Disability Living Allowance or Attendance Allowance or you must be Registered Blind.
For more information please check out their website

So I told you that I would finish the story of our Wet Room.
If you look back on my posts, you will be able to see the first part of the story.
In short, we had discussed our needs with my Occupational Therapist & she put a referral in to social services. Between my OT, the social services OT & us, an application was put together. It was a comprehensive application, in which several top pieces of equipment were asked for. It was all equipment, if it was granted, would make our lives a whole lot easier.
It was about nine months from when I had started seeing my OT, to when the application was put forward.
We thought it would be at least six months at the earliest before we heard whether the application had been granted. You can imagine our surprise when within a couple of weeks we had the go ahead for the wet room. And on top of it being fast tracked, we were going to get all the equipment that had been asked for. This included a body dryer, a push button shower, a glide about chair and a Geberit toilet.
The work started on September 28th and we went to stay with my Dad. This allowed the work men to just rip everything out and not worry about needing to keep a working toilet available!
We documented the process, you can see the photos below. I am so glad we did this, because I keep looking at the photos of the bathroom we used to have and I keep realising just how lucky we are.
I can now shower whenever I want long as Martin is about. But what I mean is that I don't have to plan my day around it. I don't have to limit what I do for the rest of the day after I have had a shower. Now I have a chair so I can sit down and shower. I don't have to climb into the bath, which used to wreck my legs and cause me lots of pain. With having the body dryer, I no longer have to use a towel to dry. This used to cause lots of pain in my hands & over my body. The sensation used to drive me crazy!
And the Geberit toilet is AMAZING! It is what is called a shower toilet or a bidet/toilet. It has made me feel so much more hygienic.
It really has made such a difference. I can't recommend it highly enough.
We really didn't think we would get it, but I am so grateful to my OT, the social services OT, the local council and the contractors who carried out the work.
It really is worth contacting people and asking the questions about what you need and what is possible for you to have. We never thought we would get something as wonderful as the wet room that we have but we got it. And it was fast tracked, so we got it really quickly.
You see some things really are possible!


  1. glad you have what you need. good news. tc love mort xx

  2. Hi Amelia,
    Looks very good, hope you enjoy using it.

  3. Okay, we all must do what we suggest as parameters like health, where we have to take painkillers such as hydrocodone, percocet, only when prescribed by the doctor.

  4. I finally got a wet room (level entry shower) 3 years ago. At the time I couldn't climb into the shower we had so I needed this but fortunately I am much more mobile now but still love my shower. I haven't heard of this type of toilet but I will keep it in mind. I love the grab rails I have on each side of my toilet so going in the night is much safer !