Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Cold, Cold, Cold :(

Wow, it's turned cold!
Does anyone else suffer in the extreme cold or hot temperatures?

I have a real issue with both the extreme cold and extreme heat.
My pain levels increase dramatically.
When the temperatures drop, as they have done recently, I struggle to keep warm. The pain that I feel in my feet and in my hands intensifies significantly and becomes really biting. And I find it really difficult to keep those extremities warm at all.
I had these problems last winter, 2010/2011, and I remember just how bad it felt. I have tried to prepare myself for the cold this year but I am still finding it a real problem.
I have got gloves, arm warmers, plenty of layers. For my feet I have got lots of socks, slipper socks, I've got a really snug pair of cosy slipper boots & I've even got a pair of microwaveable slippers!
But I still struggle with this biting cold.
The pain in my fingers and toes makes me feel quite sick. And it's not just the pain I feel when they are really cold but also when they start to warm up, they burn and those burning sensations are so so painful.
And actually, being in the South West of England, we don't have it as cold as other areas so I guess I should be grateful for that!!
Still, it's horrible :-(

Some of this that I feel is quite deceptive though because there are times when my feet or hands will feel absolutely freezing but when I get Martin to feel them for me he says that they aren't cold at all!
That's MS for you though!

And I have problems when it's too hot too. My fingers will swell and my hands will go bright red and puffy.
I can't win, I need a temperature regulator for my body! ;-)

I remember a Doctor saying to me once that the most predictable thing about MS is it's unpredictability..............he wasn't wrong!

I hope everyone is keeping as warm as possible!

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  1. Great Post!! I can relate. I suffer from both temperature changes but also any changes in pressure. A storm or rain, even humidity will cause different issues, sensations, and pains. I wish I could figure it out as well. =)