Sunday, 7 June 2009

Cricket Twenty20 World Cup

Well, I am exhausted!
We have just been away for a couple of days. 
We went up to London, to the Oval, and watched some of the Twenty20 World Cup. We saw New Zealand vs Scotland and Australia vs West Indies. It was very enjoyable, even if it was a bit wet to start off with! We had great seats - once the rain had stopped! We were out in the open so rain covers were needed! 
I didn't take my mobility scooter because I wasn't sure that I would have anywhere to leave it. In a way I wish I had taken it because, the Oval is such a big ground that I would have found somewhere to put it. Or maybe a wheelchair would have been a good option? But having said that I did manage OK. I had been able to sort out some Blue Badge parking, which was near to the ground and meant the car was secure. So it wasn't like we were using public transport and walking a long way. 
The seats were pretty uncomfortable though. If we were going to go again in the future, we may look at going in the family stand, where it looked a bit better space & which has no alcohol! The alcohol wasn't a problem apart from people constantly wanting to go and get more beer! We are theatre people so you stay in your seats!!
The cricket was very enjoyable. It was good being a neutral supporter, because we could just enjoy the quality cricket. And it was quality. Watching Chris Gayle hit the ball for six all over the park was great! And of course, being English, meant watching Australia get beaten was quite sweet!
The thing that I found pleasing, was that we had Australian & West Indies supporters and New Zealand & Scotland supporters all sitting together. There was no animosity, just good camaraderie. Would you ever get that at a footie match?
And to say that we have been to the Oval, makes me feel quite proud. We are watching the England game at the moment, which is being played at the Oval too. Apart from picking out where we were sitting, it brings another dimension to watching it. We know what everything looks like in reality, rather than from television perspective! You also feel the atmosphere more.
The good thing about this weekend was that we booked ourselves into a B&B for two nights. So we drove up on Friday & went to see a 3D film, which was fun. Coraline 3D. Then we were able to get a good night's sleep instead of driving up early on Saturday morning. We also stayed last night which meant, again, we could get a good night's sleep before coming home. Yes, it was more expensive to do it that way, but for my well being, this was a far better choice. 
Having said that, I still feel exhausted tonight! 
It has been good to get away though and temporarily forget about the decisions that we have made recently. It has been tough going lately, but Martin is so great. He is so supportive and just constantly there for me whenever I need him. Going through all this together makes it so much easier to deal with and I will be forever grateful to him for his comfort and guidance.
It has been a really good weekend, but doing things, really does take it out of me.  
I am off work until Wednesday though, which is brilliant. I knew I would be tired after this weekend and so I managed to get tomorrow off. I am slowly learning the things I need to do to try and make my life a little more manageable. I suppose that also means that I am coming to the realisation that I am not super woman...........................what??
We did take pictures while we were at the cricket yesterday, so once I get them sorted out I will post some of them up here!


  1. Glad you had a good time... I kept an eye out for you on the telly :))
    I was thinking of you when it was raining and hoping that it would stop so you'd see some cricket.

  2. Hi Amelia,

    Your weekend sounded great.

    Please pass by my blog and pick up your award.