Saturday, 27 June 2009

Martin's spoiling me!

Firstly, I have to say a great big THANK YOU to all of you who have been kind enough to post your lovely words and support for me on my last post.
I know that Herrad was the one to encourage you all and I am eternally grateful to her for that.

It was just what I needed. And to be reminded of all the support in our blogger world was a wonderful gift. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. :)

We have had a nice day today.
We both have the weekend off, so I didn't get up until about 11am this morning. It was good to just get up when I felt like it. I could have stayed in bed, but I was so uncomfortable, I had to move out of bed - well that, and Barnaby jumping all over me because he wanted his breakfast! But that was OK, because there was nothing specific to get up for, so I could wake up in my own time.
We had a lazy morning just pottering about, which is great to do, no pressure to get things done.
We met some friends this afternoon and had coffee and a chinwag! That was good to do too. Many more days like this are needed!!
After we had left our friends, we walked past H Samuel's, so I wanted to pop in and look at the Me To You bears that they have for sale. I am an avid collector.
It goes way back to when Martin & I started going out together and we would send the cards to each other! Then they bought out the Me To You cuddly bears, of which I have many. But then they bought out the ceramic figurines and I just fell for them. I really love them. They are so cute but classy at the same time! I have been collecting them over the past five or six years, I am easy to buy for at Birthdays and Christmas! I haven't counted them recently, but I know I have over 100 of the figurines alone! They are all over the house.
Today, Martin made my day. He bought me another one! It is called Packed With Love - doesn't that say it all about us two!!

The downside to today has been the heat. It concerns me slightly that the reports for next week are that it is going to get hotter. We are heading for a heat wave. At least we have a floor standing fan. It is a great help as the heat is definitely having a negative affect on my pain.
Typically British eh? Complaining about the weather - we're never happy!!
Spare a thought for all the animals in this heat too. Our two cats are just lazing around all day, too hot and exhausted to do anything - oh wait, they are just being typical cats!!

I thought I would share some more pictures with you. There are a couple of the new Me To You bear that I got today and also some of the cats. Kit Kat found a comfortable place to sleep, in a plant pot! It was funny because Barnaby has done this before a couple of years ago. I will see if I can find that picture too!

My Packed With Love Bear!
Kit Kat in her plant container!
Barnaby in his plant pot a couple of years ago!!


  1. Kit Kat has a gorgeous coat! Very sweet cats.

    Hope the heat doesn't get to you too much. It's been very hot here too suddenly but it hasn't been too bad yet. I'm hoping it stays that way.

  2. You deserve to be spoiled so I am quite glad he realizes it. Lovely photos.

    Plenty of American complaints about the weather too, but I love playing in the rain. ~Mary

  3. Love the Kitty Photos ...

    Keep trying ...

    Thinking of you,

  4. Hi Amelia,

    Good luck tomorrow.
    Thinking of you.

  5. Hi Amelia,

    Sorry was a day too early w ill be thinking of you tomorrow.