Thursday, 13 May 2010


Hi everyone!
Well, what a week! I appear to be having lots of appointments at the moment. That isn't a bad thing, but it is keeping me busy!!
I had an appointment with the pain clinic, yesterday. It was quite productive. I am to stay on the Targinact that I am currently on, but I can increase it from 25mg twice a day to 30mg and then up to 40mg twice a day. But he doesn't want me to go any higher than that. I am to try that for a week and then if there is no significant improvement, I am to go to my GP and ask about another drug that he is suggesting. I can't remember the name of it at this point!
I have an appointment to see my GP anyway, next week, so I can discuss it with her then.
I also have another appointment with my Occupational therapist, next week. She wants to explore doing some relaxation with me, which I think is a really good idea. I am struggling so badly, with pain and it waking me up at night, so I am not getting any decent night's sleep. I think if I can learn some relaxation techniques, then maybe I will be able to help myself get back to sleep, when & if the pain wakes me up. It's worth a try!!

It's now Saturday 15th May - My brother's birthday! Happy Birthday big brother - Love you!!
May is full of birthdays! Martin's was on the 6th, as well as my friend Claire's Dad - Happy birthday Ian! Then there is my brother's today and mine on Monday! My birthday is a special day though, as I know of four other people who were born on May 17th! Happy birthday to Jeane, Julia, Mike and Jill!!

I had my Tysabri infusion yesterday. It actually all went very smoothly. Having lost weight, my portacath is much more accessible. It is easier for the nurses to get the needle in, so much so, that they are going to use a smaller needle next time and so I am hoping that it won't hurt so much!!
We were finished by 1pm, which was good. I fell asleep on the way home......surprise, surprise!! I got home, had some lunch and then promptly fell asleep! I woke up about 6.30pm, had some dinner and then was in bed by 9pm! And I slept! Which made a pleasant change!!

It's now Wednesday 19th May!
I have had a busy few days. My birthday was lovely! I was a very spoilt girl. Martin treated me to lots of gifts and I felt very special! My friends made it really enjoyable too, we went out for dinner and ended up taking part in a pub quiz, which we went on to win!! We had a really good laugh and it was just what we needed!
I have had a couple of appointments again this week. I had one with my occupational therapist today and she went through a relaxation technique with me. It was amazing. I took to it really well, I found doing the breathing, quite easy. I guess my singing background is coming in handy!! I know it is something that I will need to practice. In fact there are a couple of other techniques
that they want me to try. But I do feel that if I practice, then I will be able to use this as a really useful tool in helping with my pain and sleep. It's a good feeling!!

Closer Than Ever rehearsals are going well. We have another one tomorrow night and we are hoping to have all of us at that one!! The thing I am panicking about at the moment, is that we won't sell any tickets!! I know we will and I know that people usually leave it until nearer the time, but I want to know now, that we will sell them all!! I want to be able to sell as many as possible, because we have two charities to share it between and I want to raise more than the last time we did it!! I know I set myself challenges, but only ones that I feel are achieveable!!

Anyway, I think the relaxation really did work today, as I feel exhausted now, so night night everyone. I hope you are all doing well. There is supposed to be good weather on it's way so I hope that is good news!


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