Sunday, 30 May 2010

Photos - Wheelchair & Closer Than Ever!

I thought I would put up some photo's. I have started customising my wheelchair, but also there are some photo's of our Closer Than Ever rehearsals and the poster that we are using to advertise it - enjoy!

The Tatty Teddy is attached!

Closer Than Ever Rehearsal photos

Align Centre

Closer Than Ever Poster


  1. nice pics amelia,good luck with wheelchair,take care,mort x

  2. Hi Amelia,
    Lovely photos thanks for sharing.
    Hope the rehearsals go well.

  3. Hi Amelia and Martin,
    You may not feel like heroes.. but you are.
    You may not think anyone notices.. but we do.
    You may not expect too much but you always give of your best.
    And we believe in you as guardians of our deepest thoughts.
    Stay safe and keep close.
    Your historic Toady Friends.

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    Mort, I'm hoping to use the chair tomorrow - I'll let you know if I go through with it!!
    Herrad, thanks for popping by, good to hear from you. I hope you have had a good weekend?!
    I'm not sure who my 'historic Toady friends' are, but thank you. Your words to Martin & I mean so much & have shown me just how much thought & love is out there for us. It really does make a huge difference.
    Love & hugs

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