Thursday, 6 May 2010

Happy Birthday Martin!

I have to say a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my adorable, wonderful husband, my best friend..............Martin I love you! We went our for drinks with our lovely friends, last night, it was a really good evening and I laughed like I haven't laughed for a long time, so thanks guys!

I have a couple of weeks of appointments coming up. I went and spoke to a psychologist yesterday, and despite my reservations, I actually found it quite helpful. I have spoken to someone in the past, but they have always come to my house. Yesterday I went to a medical centre to see someone and I felt a bit weird about that. But it turned out to be a better situation, because I could leave it all behind once the session was over. I have another appointment next week, so I'll let you know if it continues to be a help! I have another appointment at the pain clinic next week too. I am looking forward to being able to discuss my pain and where we go from here. I am still suffering. Since the weather has changed, I thought things might improve, but I am still struggling, just in different ways. I am currently on Oxycontin, which I think is helping..............just not enough! I am seeing someone at the Bladder and Bowel care unit. It's not something that I am happy talking about, but it is a part of MS and these barriers need to be broken down. We are dealing with my bowels first and then we will move onto the bladder - I am currently taking chocolate flavoured Movicol, oh how I love the stuff!! But I promised the nurse that I would persevere!! I am also going to be seeing my occupational therapist in a couple of weeks. She is fantastic and I feel I have someone who is really on my side. She is going to come and do some relaxation with me, to see if that will help me with the pain. She wants me to try and desensitize my pain too. I am a little apprehensive, but I will give anything a try!! And of course we have Closer Than Ever! Rehearsals are starting to pick up. We have one tonight and there will be a special birthday cake for my birthday boy!! I feel that things are starting to move forward with the concert. We are getting lots of posters and flyer's out there for advertising. I am going to contact the local papers and the radio too, so I'll keep you posted of any interviews!!

Anyway, I wish everyone a lovely weekend, we will be rehearsing for the concert and also a wedding that we are singing at, in a couple of weeks time! Singing, one of my favourite past times!!
Love & hugs XxXxX


  1. hope you get some relief amelia with pain management. MS IS VILE.take care,love mort xx

  2. Hi Amelia,
    How lovely your birthdays are so close,
    Hope you are having a good birthday today.
    Enjoy your day , if I were you I would declare this your birthday week and party all week.

    PS Wonder if massage and hydrotherapy might help with your pain.
    Richie does leg exercises and massage evryday which really help me.
    Got the advcie from a physio.
    And massage also helps me and I hear hyrotherapy was good.
    I think you are fortunate if you find something to help with neurological pain.
    The only thing that works for me is thc which I vaporise, the neuros here recommend it as best pain relief for ms pain.
    Hope UK allow it for medical reasons soon.