Thursday, 30 April 2009


This is just a quick note to say that I won't be here for the next week. 
At last our holiday has arrived!! 
I'm sure you are all aware of just how excited I am about this holiday. We are traveling tomorrow and pick up our boat on Saturday. I am so happy that it is finally here. It is just what we need, to get away and get some serious relaxation, with beautiful scenery and great company!
I am experiencing a few problems with my MS, but having this to look forward to has actually made it easier to cope with the pain and numbness etc. I am not going to let anything spoil our week and the type of break that it is, means that we won't be rushing anywhere!!
Of course we will be taking lots of photos, so I will be posting them on here when we get home.
So I will blog again soon,
I hope everyone stays well.
Love & hugs
Amelia XxXxX

PS Thanks so much for the awards, I will post about them when I get back - I promise!!


  1. Have a wonderful time celebrating! Can't wait til you get back and update us on all the fun and adventures along with pictures.

  2. Have a lovely time- I can't wait for the photos!

  3. have a great time mort x

  4. Hope you had an excellent holiday and come back nice and relaxed :)

  5. Hi Amelia,

    Hope you had a great time really looking forward to seeing photos.