Sunday, 15 March 2009

It's Nearly Monday!

Well, what a weekend!
It has to be said that I have struggled all over the weekend. 
The tingly, numbness, is now throughout my entire right side, including my head and face. It feels incredibly weird and I am still in a large amount of pain. My right hand feels like it has been slashed with razors. My feet and lower back are burning and my face feels like the skin has been stretched over it, making my eye and cheek feel very uncomfortable. I also have very muffled hearing from my right ear.
I wasn't able to manage going into work yesterday. On this occasion I had to listen to my body. I'm not sure whether I shouldn't be doing that a little more these days. But I'm really not good at it! 
I have written up my relapse notes, in preparation for my appointment tomorrow. I am really quite nervous about it. I know that sounds silly, but I want to make sure I get the result that I need from it. Ultimately that would be immediate treatment. This is one of the worst relapses that I have experienced and I just want some relief from it now - is that too much to ask??
I will update this, when I can, with news from the appointment tomorrow. 
In the meantime, I hope you have all had a good weekend and that the week ahead is bright and positive for us all.


  1. now you are talking some sense
    . listen to what your body tells you,stop trying to ignore it,its not going away until its ready,so just learn to rest.i know its hard amelia.but you so sorry you hurt,hope you get the help you need,tc love mortxxxx

  2. Hello Amelia,

    Hope your appointment goes well today.

    Thinking about you lots.

    Take care.

    Love and best wishes.


  3. Hi! Amelia
    That's were your blog will come in handy, as a record of your symptoms and day to day experiences with MS. Copy and paste entries from your blog to Word, or whichever office software you use. Do a bit of editing and then print the results to take to the doctor.

    I have the tingling and the hearing thing, only not nearly as intense as you. Hope you get some relief soon.