Thursday, 5 March 2009

Strange day.

I have had a strange day today! 
It started off by the door waking me up. Again, it was the dustman needing me to move the car - it's getting annoying now!! 
So I was up much earlier than I had expected to be. I decided to stay up though. Martin was home today, it was a day off for him. It was good to have him around. 
I finally decided to bite the bullet and phone my MS nurse. I hadn't had any response from the emails I had sent so I thought it was about time I tried phoning. I hadn't wanted to talk on the phone because I knew I would end up getting upset, but I am at the end of my tether with lack of ideas to help with my pain, so I thought tears or not I needed to make the call. I was lucky in that she was in the office, so I was able to speak to her. Sure enough the tears flowed. I get so frustrated at getting upset because I feel so silly. I told her how I feel as though it must be me, I must be doing something wrong, because I have so much difficulty in getting any benefit from all the different medications I have tried. She said I mustn't feel like that because it's not doing me any good. It's hard though when the pain is constant, it really wears me down. 
Anyway, she is going to speak to my consultant and ask him to write a referral for me to go to the pain clinic at Torbay Hospital - my local hospital. It is over two years since I went to see a pain specialist in London. So she is hoping that within those two years, something new that I haven't tried might be available. It's worth a try! I am glad that I have spoken to her because at least now I feel as though something is in the pipeline of being done. 

The rest of my day was fairly quiet. 

Another of my passions, as well as singing, is making cards. I made my own Christmas cards in 2007 and from there I carried on making all sorts of different cards. I had so many that I decided I should try and sell them. Then I thought I could try and raise money for my local MS branch - The South Devon branch. Now I donate 50% of anything I take, to the society. I use the rest to resupply my equipment. It is something I enjoy doing, providing my hands aren't too painful. And now I have the added bonus of being able to give money to a great society. I made a couple of cards this afternoon, I found it quite relaxing!
I have the basis of a new blog - Amelia's Cards - which I will continue with. You can see what I can do, from these pictures. I will put more on the other blog though! I am quite prepared to send out my cards, so if anyone wants to buy any then contact me and I can sort it out. I am quite happy to make to order too. I did that for a friend at Christmas and it was a great success.      

Martin has gone off tonight, to a rehearsal for a show that he is in. He is playing Cornelius in a production of Hello Dolly in April. I love watching him acting and singing. I know I am biased but he is so talented and it fills me with pride to be able to say that he is my husband!! Talking of raising money, we are looking to produce a concert next year to raise money for the MS society, again. We have produced two concerts in the past, from which we have raised about £2500. As well as organising them, we sing in them too - talk about taking on a lot!! It is such good fun though and we have some really great friends, who give up their time and their talent to be involved with us. I am already looking forward to the concert in 2010, I should have my confidence back by then, from doing the Show Boat and How Apt performances! It is a good incentive!
It's a work day tomorrow so I will need to go to bed soon! I didn't get as much rest as I wanted today, but I am hoping that will mean I get a good nights sleep's hoping!!

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  1. Hi Amelia,

    Thanks for the post the cards look lovely look forward to seeing them on your other blog.

    Hoping you get an appointment soon for the pain clinic.

    Have a good evening and weekend.