Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Steroid progress.

So I thought I would update you all with a progress report.
I started taking the oral steroids and although I anticipated the awful taste, the hot flushes the nasty taste they leave in your mouth. You can't remember the full force of it until you are actually doing it again! 
I had forgotten how much it affects my sleep. How the nerve endings seem to be racing in my body. And how everything I try to eat or drink tastes awful. The only things that I can manage are Lucozade and ginger biscuits! Big soup was a good meal last night! I have discovered that taking the tablets with the ginger biscuits, doesn't make them so difficult to actually take. The first time I had the tablets, I took them with water and they were disgusting. But with the strong taste of ginger, I don't really get that nasty aftertaste. 
I am halfway through the dose, but unfortunately I haven't experienced any significant improvements. I wasn't really expecting too as I haven't had that much benefit in the past with steroids. Obviously, I am going to be having the IV infusions from next Monday so I am hoping that with two high doses within a short space of time, that things will improve fairly soon.
I have my MRI booked in for Friday. Martin is working but I have decided that I will go it alone. It's not like anyone can be in the scanner with me anyway!! I will be a big brave girl. It will give me a chance to go over all the lyrics for our first How Apt gig on Sunday!! I need the practice time! See always trying to see the positive in every situation!!
I am trying to make the most of this time and get as much rest as I can. It is a little difficult when my sleep is being disturbed as much as it is. But I am not doing much during the days, so I am doing my best!
I am supposed to be out tonight for a quick recap of the Show Boat stuff. I have decided that I just can't manage it though. I will be much better off using the time to recuperate, rather than pushing myself to rehearse something, that I know I can do. It would be good to see all my friends but I just can't face the punishment to my body. 
From Thursday onwards I am going to be a busy bee again. I have the last two Show Boat concerts on Thursday and Friday. I have my MRI on Friday morning. On Saturday we have a rehearsal evening planned for How Apt. On Sunday evening we have our debut performance as How Apt. Then on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I have the IV infusions and all that goes with that to look forward to. 
When I put it all down like that I am a little daunted by what I am taking on. Oh, well one step at a time!


  1. just make sure its not one step too many.i KNOW how fatigue can hit amelia,and steroids are vile,so you mind,ok?say yes mort.lol.then go n ignore me.good luck amelia,love mort xxxx

  2. Hi Amelia,

    Good luck,

    Take care.



  3. I am sorry they are not really helping.
    I adore the strong taste of ginger if I am feeling the least bit queasy & when I worked with chemo patients, it helped them so much. They make wonderful hot ginger soups....might want to try.
    I go for my MRIs alone, and I like it that way, but some like to have a loved one around, and I understand that as well.
    Daunted, but I think a little thrilled(well, by some of it).~Mary