Thursday, 19 March 2009

Rough day

It's been a rough day today.
I have spent most of the day in bed. I had to get up and drop Martin down the road for a lift, but I came back and went straight back to bed. It was quite scary because I genuinely couldn't keep my eyes open. It is fatigue at it's worst and I have never had it this bad before. I didn't actually get up from bed until about half past two, but that was only because I had to! 
The last couple of days I have be riddled with pain too. I'm not sure whether the pain has caused the fatigue or the fatigue the pain, or of course, it may just be MS!
Nothing much has changed as far as the relapse goes, apart from feeling weaker by the day.
So it's an early night tonight and more rest tomorrow. 
I have a friend from work coming over for coffee, in the morning, which will be good. 
And then it's performance day number one tomorrow night! The first time I have sung solo, in public for about 3 years! I am looking forward to it though.
So rest is vital and my bed is calling me back!
Hope you have all had a glimpse of the sunshine, that we have had here in South Devon today. Spring must truly be on it's way - hooray!!
Our little munchkin, finding anywhere she can to explore!!


  1. rest amelia.take care,good luck with the singing,mort xxx

  2. Even though it has been rough, I am glad tomorrow you are having a friend over for coffee. Not too much pressure there ;p, but good to have a friend to chat with.
    Listen to the calling bed......

  3. Hi Amelia,

    Hope you rested up yesterday and can enjoy your peformance tonight.

    The sun is shining brightly here and it is a mild spring day which is glorious hope its the same in Devon.

    Take care and have fun tonight.

  4. Break a leg sweetheart- it has been about five years since I tortured and audience (I was a comedian). I hope you get that big rush. The roar of the grease paint... the smell of the crowd, nothing like it. I have always been jealous of singers (even if traditionally in clubs singers got paid less)being a keen singer and banjo player I would love to entertain with my music, problem is I am rubbish.
    lots of love