Friday, 13 February 2009


Friday 13th!! I've been to the GP this morning to talk about my pain. I am currently taking Tramadol at the max dose and I wanted to know what else I could try. She has prescribed me a Butrans patch. It works over 7 days and is a slow release painkiller. Opiod based I believe. You get 2 weeks supply, but she has said she will continue prescribing it if I benefit from it. I have used it in the past and have found it helped me to deal with the pain a little better. So from that I believe it is worth another go. 
I am off to work this afternoon, which I am just hoping won't involve much walking about. My feet are unbearably painful. I have decided that it feels like I am continually walking on crushed glass..........ouch! I said to the Doctor that it would be very easy for me to just stay at home at the moment but I am not prepared to do that. It's hard to explain, the pain is so bad, but if I just stay at home, that to me is giving in. It is better if I just try and work through it. The Doctor did remind me that it is bad at the moment but it will ease off over time. I have told her that I am holding her to that!!
I have the weekend off so that is also incentive to get through my shift today. I know I will be proud of myself if I achieve it!
I will let you know how it goes!!


  1. Amelia,
    I hope that this new pain-reliever works well for you. I've had times where it felt as though I were walking on jagged, uneven rocks. Not pleasant at all. But the pain did indeed subside.

  2. Hi Lisa,
    Thanks for your comments. It is so good that someone gets what I am talking about. The jagged, uneven rocks fits so well with me!! I am staying positive and look forward to the pain subsiding!!
    Big hugs

  3. Hi Amelia,

    Hope the new pain relief works.
    What is tramadol like, how effective is it.
    Keep warm and positive.