Thursday, 19 February 2009

Thursday again

It's Thursday again! I like Thursdays because generally I can just wake up when I like. Except today I wasn't able to as I was woken up by the door bell. The dustmen needed me to move our car!! I wasn't impressed. I decided I wasn't ready to get up so I went back to bed. That was a good move as I slept for another two hours. 
So I got up and I really did have a lazy afternoon. I just watched television and did some stuff on the computer. I didn't feel too bad as far as fatigue went, but I still had a nap for half an hour. 
I was still in lots and lots of pain. I have sent an email to the MS nurse. I decided that I didn't want to call her as I knew I would just be a weeping mess. I am still waiting for a reply. I am hoping they can come up with some stronger medication that I can take. I have questioned as to whether this could be a relapse. It is definitely a worsening of the symptoms and has been for a couple of weeks now. It was suggested at one point that it was probably due to a chest infection I had in January, but would it be this persistant, especially since the infection cleared up a few weeks ago? I always find the relapse thing a bit confusing. As I always have symptoms and have had from the first day, it is hard to say when a relapse is happening. 
I am going to make an appointment tomorrow to have a massage done next week. I had one in October and I really enjoyed it. It did help my hands although the affect didn't last for long. I have to at least give it a go. I have run out of ideas for anything else to try.
This evening I went to the Theatre, to support Martin, who is the lead in a play. Dial M for Murder. It was a good distraction and very enjoyable. Although I am not sure I like Martin as a sinister character! I am going to see it again tomorrow and Saturday, that's dedication for you! I do enjoy watching him perform. I guess I am able to live it through him. I know I am biased but he is very good and I am proud to support him.  
It is late now and I need to go to bed. I have work tomorrow. I also have the option to go to an MS exercise class, in the morning, but I just don't feel I am up to it. I haven't been since before Christmas, so I feel as though I should go, but I don't want to aggravate the pain any more than I can help it.
Anyway night night all, I hope it is a peaceful one. XxXxX

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