Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Good day?

I am happy to say that today feels as though it has been a good day. I am putting it down to the massage! I think the fact that I was able to get a good night's sleep and I felt relaxed has really helped me. I'm not saying that the pain has gone, although I wish I was. That is still as persistent as ever and I still haven't had any reply from my emails last week. But I do feel that because of feeling more relaxed, it has helped me cope with it all a little better. 
I have been into work today and completed my whole shift. I felt quite bright and positive which is this first time for ages that I have felt like that in work. People were actually able to see a bright side of me for once!! That being said, I generally try and cover it up at work. Though the colleagues who know me, still tend to notice when I am having a bad day. I always think I am carrying on quite well and then someone will comment about me struggling! 
The problem is that because I feel positive I have tried to do a bit more today. Tidying up and ironing etc. I am hoping I haven't over done it and undone all the good work from yesterday................ time will tell!!
So the moral of this story is, that I think I have found something that has a positive affect on my MS - massage. Even if it doesn't help the pain, if it gives me a good sense of well being, then something good has come from it. 
Let's see how I will be feeling tomorrow!!

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