Saturday, 28 February 2009


I didn't get around to doing a post yesterday, the day just seemed to disappear! 
I am pleased to say though that I had a slightly better day than I had the day before! 
I went into work yesterday afternoon and we were really busy. Although it can be a pain, it is also good from the point of view that the time goes quickly. Especially when you are only doing 3 hours!
When I had finished, I dashed home, picking Martin up on the way. I was due to have a rehearsal for the solo I am doing in the Show Boat concert. We were debating whether to phone my friend and musical director, Rob, to see if I could change it and go on Monday. Martin & I were both shattered and I wasn't sure whether singing was a good idea. After a lot of faffing about I decided that I didn't want to mess Rob around and so I sent him a text telling him I was on my way! Actually I was glad that I went. It was good to go through the song with someone who has so much knowledge about music AND who is also a very dear friend. I feel a lot better about the song now and we have worked out ways of making me feel more comfortable with it. 
I couldn't understand why I was struggling with notes that used to just flow easily. But then it is like anything, if you don't keep up the practice then you lose the ability. I am glad that I am involved in some singing projects because that is forcing me to use my voice again and it's practice and confidence that I need to regain. 
Singing is a real passion of mine, it is a great way to express myself and gives me freedom. So to be doing it again is a definite positive in my life!
As you can imagine by the time I got home I was truly exhausted, but I had the joy of four days off work to look forward too!! Knowing I don't go back in until next Wednesday feels strangely comforting!! I am going to use the time to get my head around some of the songs for How Apt. ( 
We have a rehearsal tomorrow so I want to be able to say I have learnt some of the songs!


  1. So cool. Show Boat is a great show and it's wonderful that you are getting back into some serious singing. Good for the soul indeed.

    I'm not a singer, but there's nothing better than rehearsing/performing with a really great orchestra. Feels good physically and emotionally.

    Enjoy your time off.

  2. Good post, singing must be a wonderful thing to do and singing with others is excellent as you kearn how to cooperate with ohers and work as a team.
    Very inspiring.
    Have a good weekend.