Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Wednesday is a work day. I work in the afternoon and it is probably the best shift of all the ones I do. I only returned to work on Monday after a few weeks off. I have had a chest infection that has affected the MS. I am finding that even though I am over the infection, I am still struggling with symptoms. Pain is a major issue with me and at the moment, wow, is it a problem. My feet feel like they have been slashed with razors - not that I know what that would feel like!! My hands are painful too. Particularly my wedding ring finger. I know not why?? 
I usually make sure I get a good lie-in on a Wednesday but today I was up at 6AM!! I am pleased to say that work was good today. I am unofficially the PA to my 2 managers. Basically I respond to the complaint letters etc. I was catching up today on letters that have come while I have been away. I usually work on the checkouts, so it is a nice break not to have to face the customers!! 
It was going to be an early night tonight but I have got really involved in this blog! I'll be catching up on the rest tomorrow then?!

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