Saturday, 14 February 2009

The Weekend!!

Yay! It's the weekend and even better, I don't have to work!! That is such a great feeling, to have two days ahead of me where I can just chill out and relax. 
I have put the Butrans patch on that the Doctor gave me yesterday. The only problem is that it will take a couple of days to have any real affect. I'm very impatient, especially where pain is concerned and I want the help to start now and not in a couple of days! Is that too much to ask?? The doctor also gave me assurance that I can take Ibuprofen without too much worry. I was a little concerned that, taking them at least a couple of times a day, wasn't the best idea. But apparently that is fine!
On the plus side, fatigue isn't too bad today. I am always a little wary of that though as I usually pay the next day! Oh how pessimistic of me! I have made the most of the lack of fatigue by finally getting around to dying my hair!! There was far to much grey showing and that needed to be addressed. I have had the dye since before Christmas, but only now have I felt fit enough to be able to stand doing such a task. It's the little things that get so frustrating. It's amazing how much I used to take for granted. 
Obviously I am still very new to this blog stuff, but I am enjoying what I am doing. I hope to be able to put some links to MS related articles etc. If anyone else has any they want to put on here then please feel free. I am self teaching so it could take me a while to get my head around it all!!
Happy Valentines Day, to one and all and my you all have a lovely weekend!


  1. Hi! Amelia
    Thanks for following my blog .I will be reading yours this evening after my shopping,if I'm not too tired.

  2. Have a good weekend.
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