Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Chill out Tuesday!

Tuesday's are much like Thursday's for me, in that I don't have to work. So I use it to rest and recuperate in preparation for work tomorrow. Unfortunately, today, much like yesterday, I have felt quite spaced out. I am more and more convinced that it is the patch making me feel like this. Unless it is a strange feeling of fatigue. I found it difficult to get up today. When I did though, I just felt like I wanted to sleep again. I was able to chill out this afternoon, which I needed to do, as I had a rehearsal to go to tonight for the Show Boat concert I am involved with. We only have four and a half weeks before we perform - that for me is very scary!
I was in quite a bit of pain this afternoon, with my feet, particularly. I could very easily have said that I was going to stay home tonight, but that would have been giving in to it and I try not to do that. So I went off to the rehearsal and I am very glad I did. Not just for the fact that I was able to cement some more of the songs into my memory, but for the support I received from fellow performers. It is so refreshing to see that people really care. They want to make it as easy as possible for me without making a fuss. It's like at work, I don't want special treatment, just understanding that things are a bit different for me! We are rehearsing in a primary school (the one I attended all those years ago, which is a bit surreal!) so the chairs a quite little. Last week I was struggling to get up out of my chair. I needed the help of friends around me to get me out - funny but embarrassing. So this week I requested a slightly bigger chair! Great effort was made to get me a chair that would be suitable. I felt quite embarrassed because I didn't want a big fuss made, but they went about it with no problem, just so that I would be comfortable. It restored my faith in human nature!
It's off to bed now, so that hopefully I can get a good night's sleep before I have to work tomorrow. I sometimes wonder why I am doing it to myself and then I remember, it's my life and I want to make the best of it!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good to at rehearsals.
    Hope your feet are less painful.
    Keep warm and happy.