Saturday, 14 February 2009


Well, the fatigue crash that I thought might happen tomorrow has happened tonight :(
I was going along quite happily today, feeling quite awake and so I did a bit of tidying and I dyed my hair! I must say I am happy with my hair!! I sat down after I had done these bits and low and behold I fell asleep. I have to explain though that when I say I fell asleep, it's not like just a light nap. I am completely out of it. And I have no control over it. 
I had heard of fatigue before I had MS, but I never really understood it. I assumed it was just feeling more tired than normal, but it's not. It is something that takes over completely. I find that I am not able to complete ordinary tasks without a lot of extra effort. It can be very debilitating. 
Click on the link below for a detailed description of fatigue in MS. It made me feel as though I was reading about myself!! (I hope I have done this right!!)
So an early night for me tonight! 

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