Thursday, 12 February 2009


Thursday - I like Thursdays. I generally don't have to do much on a Thursday, so it gives me a chance to just rest and catch up. After working yesterday AND getting up at 6AM, I am paying for it. Fatigue has hit me hard today. I got up for an hour at 8am but went back to bed at 9am as I was feeling really fatigued. I didn't wake up again until 1pm!! I got up and have just had a lazy day on the sofa. I had to pick Martin up this afternoon, so I have been out of the house today but low and behold by about 5pm I was asleep again. It's just been one of those days and I regularly feel guilty (or lazy) for sleeping so much, but I am learning that if I didn't need it then I wouldn't do it! I spoke to a GP about it once, saying about my worry of giving in to it etc. She promptly told me that I am not giving in. If she prescribed me a medication for something then I would take it without feeling guilty. So look at sleep as a medication for fatigue. She has a point!

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  1. I have tried two remedies for fatigue... one is taking medication (which sometimes works and sometimes doesn't) and the other is listening to my body and sleeping (when possible) and slowing down (when not) - you're doing the right thing!